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The company ABB provides for about 40 years on quality inverters that are sold in many countries around the world. Simultaneously, the company is engaged in the so-called inverter technology and was able to prevail against global competition made easy. Therefore ABB adds, for example, large companies with Windkraftumrichtern. Both small solar systems as well as large multi-Megawatt Parks are supplied with the products of ABB, since for every occasion produced the manufacturers the optimal inverter. In this way, you can leave your solar modules equip with the quality products of ABB.

We take care of the maintenance and repair of your inverter and here you get a service for your inverter repair. Simply call us or send us an email, we will contact you shortly.

All inverter models from ABB Data Sheets & Downloads

ABB Inverter

The ABB products are sold not only in Germany but also in many other countries of the world. For all services related to the products of the supplier you can turn to the experts at AEET Energy Group GmbH. To make an appointment with one of our professionals, your best bet on our hotline contact us.

Keep in mind that a solar energy system can only work permanently efficient if the modules and inverters to be serviced regularly. In this way, we help prevent damage. However, should a loss, you can entrust us with the complaint. Under the generous ABB guarantee we introduce the complaint by the manufacturer, so you hereby have no work. In the event of imminent repair we will buy the spare parts and takes professional installation, so you can plant into operation as quickly as possible.

The product range of ABB inverter is tremendous. From central inverter which is sufficient for several hundred kilowatts, to the transformerless string inverters for single family roof to get the greatest possible variety. While a single-phase string inverter is sufficient for residential purposes, a three-phase model should be used for a residential and commercial building.

The "PRO-33.0", for example, is a three-phase inverter, which has an output of 33 kW. The "PVI-10.0 / 12.5" - also three phase - has a three-phase bridge topology for DC / AC output converter. To obtain two Subarrys always the optimum energy yield, has the model has two inputs, which are equipped with an independent MPP tracking. This product is suitable for small plants, which have a short string length.

For all questions about the products of ABB's experts AEET Energy Group GmbH hesitate with advice and assistance to side.

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