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Steca Elektronik GmbHInverter

Steca Elektronik GmbH, based in Memmingen (Baden-Württemberg), is a recognized electronics service provider and manufacturer of the “Steca” product lines in solar electronics and for battery charging systems. The company has been on the market since 1976, grew into a major German electronics supplier in the 1980s and opened the solar electronics division as early as 1990 (as did the cable technology division at the time). In the meantime, 640 employees in the three Memmingen plants as well as in a plant in Bulgaria create the impressive product range from Steca on over 20,000 square meters of floor space.

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Steca Elektronik GmbHInverter

Steca Elektronik GmbH is based in Memmingen in Baden-Württemberg. The electronics service provider manufactures the "Steca" brand, with the products being used in the solar industry and for battery charging systems. Steca was founded in 1976, but within a few years it has developed into one of the most important electronics suppliers for the solar industry. The company has three plants in Memmingen with a total of 640 employees. There is also a plant in Bulgaria.

Steca stands for high quality and modern production. Innovative solutions for individual, electronic products are the trademark of Stecas. The product range in the field of solar electronics includes numerous first-class items that are popular in Germany, among others. The company produces around 3.8 million assemblies each year, which comprise around 230 million components. Due to the fast, highly automated production technology, it is possible that around 18,000 assemblies leave the production halls every day.

The services offered by Steca include:

  • SMD assembly
  • Axial assembly
  • Radial assembly
  • Mechatronics
  • Cable technology
  • Final assembly
  • Painting
  • Potting

In order to achieve the best possible quality standard, the following tests are carried out:

  • Incircuit Test
  • Function test
  • Run In - Burn In Test
  • Security test

Steca produces a wide variety of electronic elements that are required to operate the solar system. In order to enable a smooth grid feed, inverters, system monitoring systems as well as suitable accessories and the required software are also developed. In the area of ​​self-sufficient systems, solar charge controllers, sine wave inverters, voltage converters, energy-saving lamps, refrigerators and freezers as well as the corresponding accessories are also manufactured. Solar regulators, heating regulators, solar stations, fresh water regulators, expansion modules and monitoring software are developed for solar thermal energy. The company will also be presenting battery chargers, where the customer can choose between table-top, 19-inch, wall-mounted and built-in devices.

Steca guarantees good quality and offers an excellent price-performance ratio.

The AEET Energy Group GmbH will be happy to provide you with good service for everything to do with Steca products. Feel free to contact our employees at any time on our hotline for Germany. If a device produced by Steca is defective, we can file a complaint with the manufacturer on your behalf as part of the guarantee. We buy the required spare parts and equip the defective module with them.

In order to obtain high-quality and highly efficient devices, production always follows a fixed scheme. Hardware and software, CAD planning and documentation, certification and qualification of the components are optimally coordinated with one another. Tests are carried out through various type, field and endurance tests in the test laboratory. This approach has catapulted the company to the top of the international solar industry. During production, environmental and climate protection, sustainability and low carbon dioxide emissions are always considered. The products are also characterized by their low power consumption, so that most devices have energy efficiency class A.

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