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Fronius International GmbH, with headquarters in Pettenbach, Austria, essentially covers three major sectors. These are the areas of solar electronics, battery charging systems and welding technology. Founded in 1945, the company concentrated in the first decades of its existence on the areas of welding technology and battery charging systems. Almost 50 years later, Fronius International GmbH launched its third division, solar electronics.

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The focus of Fronius International GmbH is clearly on the topics of photovoltaics and battery charging systems, although the division generally deals with the overall topic of the environment and energy. In the first few years of the new corporate division, Fronius International GmbH was able to bring its first grid-connected inverter for the photovoltaic industry onto the market. Shortly thereafter, another inverter was developed, which was specially designed for use in stand-alone systems. At that time, Fronius International GmbH was already regarded as an innovative leading company in the industry and was able to successfully carry this good reputation with it into the newly founded division. Numerous awards and certificates confirm the high technical standard of Fronius International GmbH products.

Today Fronius International GmbH has several locations in Austria and can also fall back on a well-developed sales network on an international level. Fronius International GmbH has sales subsidiaries in Germany, Italy, Great Britain, France, Norway, Spain, Slovakia and numerous other European countries. Outside Europe, Fronius International GmbH is represented in the USA, Canada, Mexico and Brazil, among others.

As a family company, Fronius International GmbH has succeeded in advancing to the top of the world market. Based on tradition and supported by the now global network, customer service and customer support are among the most important pillars of Fronius International GmbH. The extensive range of training courses, our own concept for exchanging circuit boards or the Fronius service case are valued throughout the photovoltaic industry and are extremely popular.

The product range of Fronius International GmbH in this area includes transformerless inverters, transformer inverters, central inverters as well as the appropriate systems for system monitoring. This makes it possible for Fronius International GmbH to equip photovoltaic systems of all types and dimensions with the right inverters. The products from Fronius International GmbH achieve an efficiency of over 98 percent.

If you operate a solar system whose modules are equipped with Fronius inverters, you can contact AEET Energy Group GmbH at any time if you have any questions. We offer a comprehensive service. For example, if a module is defective, we will be happy to contact the manufacturer on your behalf to process the guarantee, including complaints. We will usually carry out an inverter repair and not completely replace the devices. For repairs, we order and buy appropriate spare parts, which we integrate into the system on site - if possible. Our experts are happy to help you on our hotline.

A special feature of the inverters is the innovative structure of the devices. The connection part and the power part represent two separate components. This means that service work is made much easier and faster. The inverter's ventilation concept is just as unique. Fronius International GmbH relies on a concept that strictly separates the air drawn in from the outside area from the electronic components inside the inverter. Longevity, reliability and user-friendly handling are further quality features of these inverters.

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