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Sunways AG was a company from the photovoltaic industry based in Konstanz, Germany. Sunways was founded in 1993. The company was dissolved in 2014.

We take care of the maintenance and repair of your inverters and you get a service for your inverter repair from us. Just give us a call or send us an email, we will then contact you.

All inverter models from Sunways Data Sheets & Downloads

  • Sunways PT 30k Datenblatt
  • Sunways PT 33k Datenblatt
  • Sunways NT 4000 (850 V) Datenblatt
  • Sunways NT 4200 (900 V) Datenblatt
  • Sunways NT 5000 (850 V) Datenblatt
  • Sunways NT 5000 (900 V) Datenblatt
  • Sunways NT 6000 (850 V) Datenblatt
  • Sunways NT 8000 (850 V) Datenblatt
  • Sunways NT 10000 (850 V) Datenblatt
  • Sunways NT 10000 (900 V) Datenblatt
  • Sunways NT 11000 (900 V) Datenblatt
  • Sunways NT 12000 (900 V) Datenblatt
  • Sunways AT 2700 Datenblatt
  • Sunways AT 3000 Datenblatt
  • Sunways AT 3600 Datenblatt
  • Sunways AT 4500 Datenblatt
  • Sunways AT 5000 Datenblatt
  • Sunways ST 8 Datenblatt
  • Sunways ST 10 Datenblatt
  • Sunways ST 12 Datenblatt
  • Sunways ST 30 Datenblatt


The company was managed by the chairman of the board, Hoong Khoeng Cheong, and the chairman of the supervisory board, Xiaofeng Peng. In addition to the plant in Constance, Sunways also produced solar products in Arnstadt. Distribution took place in Bologna and Barcelona. At peak times, more than 260 people were employed who were active in development as well as in production and sales.

Although the manufacturer no longer exists, many Germans still operate a Sunways solar system. You will of course be offered a comprehensive guarantee on this if the modules should be defective. If a module you are operating is no longer ready for use, you can order an employee of the AEET Energy Group to take care of the matter. You can reach us on our hotline. The employees of the AEET Energy Group find the defect and contact the manufacturer for a complaint. Should repairs be necessary, we will buy the spare parts and carry out the work. The AEET Energy Group also offers you a comprehensive service for products from other manufacturers in the solar industry.

After the Sunways GmbH was founded by Roland Burkhardt in 1993, the development was finally so advanced in 1999 that the manufacture of solar products began. In the same year the company was converted into a stock corporation, which was taken over in 2002 by MHH Solartechnik GmbH from Tübingen. In 2010 it was sold on to BayWa. Another year later, a large part of the shares in LDK Solar, which is a Chinese solar manufacturer, was transferred. However, this also no longer helped the company to achieve sufficient profits, so that bankruptcy was filed in January 2013, before another bankruptcy application followed in 2014.

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