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AEG Power SolutionsAEG Inverter

The AEG Power Solutions BV, which is a manufacturer of electronic components - such as inverters or solar modules - is, has its headquarters in the Netherlands Zwanenburg. The company for several years manufactures electronic components for the solar industry, respecting always of excellent quality. One of the best examples are the products of the "Protect PV" line, with the integrated digital and communication-capable device control.

We take care of the maintenance and repair of your inverter and here you get a service for your inverter repair. Simply call us or send us an email, we will contact you shortly.

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AEG Power SolutionsInverter

When AEG Power Solutions BV is a producer of electronic components. For example, high-quality inverters and solar modules are manufactured. The company's headquarters is located in Zwanenburg in the Netherlands. In the manufacture of electrical components for the solar industry, the quality is paramount. One of the examples of the excellent standards is "Protect PV". The digital electronic device has a controller that is capable of communication.

Damit die Wechselrichter der AEG Power Solutions stets effizient arbeiten, sollten Sie diese regelmäßig einer Wartung unterziehen. Diese führen wir gern für Sie durch. Des Weiteren bieten wir Ihnen die Wechselrichter Reparatur an. Rufen Sie uns an, um einen Termin zu vereinbaren. Sie können uns zudem eine Mail senden. Wir werden uns umgehend bei Ihnen melden.

AEG Wechselrichter

The Power inverters from AEG Power Solutions always work efficiently, you should undergo a maintenance regularly. These we carry liked by you. Furthermore, we offer the inverter repair. Call us to arrange an appointment. You can also send a mail us. We will contact you immediately.

The inverters and solar modules from AEG are considered first-class products. Furthermore, our customers benefit from an excellent service from the manufacturer. Questions about the AEG products? Then you is not only the manufacturer personally as a contact person. You can also contact the experts at AEET Energy Group GmbH. We advise you to AEG inverters and modules to build a new device and run equally professional maintenance and repair through. In Germany we are your contact number 1 in this field. Under our hotline to make an appointment with one of our expert staff.

If you operate a solar module or inverter of the brand AEG, you will benefit from numerous advantages. The IMM (individual modules Monitoring) allows, for example, an integrated module-level monitoring. The live data is evaluated at any time via remote monitoring. If, for example, a loss of performance, you will immediately inform the appropriate information and can act immediately to avert an enormous financial loss. Very happy you can order our consultants also to be if you need advice on the systems offered by AEG.

AEG respects in the manufacture of all products is always in the best quality, so that only raw materials approved supplier may be used. The module "AS-P602" guarantees such as high efficiency, which in turn promises reliable yields. The module is characterized further by the fact high snow and wind loads withstand. The low light performance is excellent. You can decide between the AS-P604" which offers the special monitoring technology and the AS-P602.

All AEG products have been awarded various certifications, namely for example by TÜV and UL or MCS. Even compliance with the standards ISO 9001, 14001 and OHSAS 18001 is guaranteed for all locations.

If a powered by you module of AEG Industrial Solar should be defective, please contact for the purpose of complaint to the manufacturer. However, this is associated with a temporal effort we, the experts of AEET Energy Group GmbH, would like to relieve you. You can entrust us with the implementation of the guarantee from the manufacturer. Besides making sure that we take contact the manufacturer and report the damage. In case of repair, we will buy the appropriate spare parts and repair the solar system immediately. The relevant services will be charged directly with AEG during the warranty.

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