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Oelmaier Inverter

Oelmaier Technology is an integral part of the Oelmaier Group. This German group of companies consists of four different companies. Specifically, these are Oelmaier Elektronik, Oelmaier Automation, Oelmaier Technology and Oelmaier Inoled. The company's main office is in Ochsenhausen. The focus of the Oelmaier Group is generally directed towards the development, production and sale of complete electronic power systems and components. For example, the manufacturer offers high-quality solar modules, which are very popular in Germany and other countries around the world. The AEET Energy Group offers you the appropriate service for the Oelmeier brand PV systems.

We take care of the maintenance and repair of your inverters and you get a service for your inverter repair from us. Just give us a call or send us an email, we will then contact you.

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Oelmaier Inverter

Oelmaier Technology is part of the Oelmaier Group, which is made up of four parts of the company, namely Oelmaier Inoled, Oelmaier Electronics, Oelmaier Automation and Oelmaier Technology. The company's headquarters are in Ochsenhausen.

The Oelmaier Group has specialized in the development of complete power electronic systems so that you as a customer can buy high-quality solar modules from this manufacturer, for example. These are not only sold in Germany, but also in numerous other countries around the world.

Do you have any questions about the products of the Oelmaier Group or do you need help? Then you can contact the experts at AEET Energy Group GmbH via our hotline. We not only advise you, but also carry out the maintenance of the solar system and the inverter repair for you.

Wolfgang Oelmaier founded the small development office in 1987, which over the years has blossomed into a large company. After 10 years the company was converted into a GmbH, from which the Oelmaier Group later developed. Nonetheless, it was important to the company to keep in touch with the Ochsenhausen location, although the field of activity expanded considerably. The company has since made such a good name for itself that it is also based in China, India and Thailand.

Oelmaier Technology has been active in the PV industry since 1990 and develops a wide range of inverter and monitoring systems. While other companies did not have sufficient specialist knowledge in the field of PV technology a few years ago, Oelmaier Technology was able to fall back on the knowledge from the various company areas and get started.

Oelmaier always ensures that the customer is optimally trained in handling the PV system. Corresponding service and training programs are offered.

Even if Oelmaier offers high-quality inverters, a defect can never be ruled out. Due to the fact that the customer benefits from a 20-year guarantee, damage does not mean the end of the solar system. If a module or the inverter you are operating shows a defect, you are welcome to contact the experts at AEET Energy Group GmbH to file a complaint. We advise you and handle the complaint with the provider. We then buy the required spare parts and professionally repair the device. It can immediately achieve full efficiency again. Call our hotline or send us an email and order one of our employees to come and see you.

The practical thing about the inverters from Oelmaier Technology: The right inverter is available for every application and every size. Thanks to the extensive associated monitoring systems, you also always have the best control over the entire system. If the system shows a defect, you will recognize this immediately and act accordingly.

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