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SOLON Energy GmbH is based in Berlin, where it was founded in 2012. Subsidiaries and sister companies are not only based in Germany, but also in Italy, the USA, India and Australia. The manufacturer's high-quality solar modules meet the highest demands, as they promise enormous efficiency and are easy to install on top of that. The experts at AEET Energy Group GmbH will be happy to help and advise you should you have any questions as well as the maintenance or repair of the Solon modules.

We take care of the maintenance and repair of your inverters and you get a service for your inverter repair from us. Just give us a call or send us an email, we will then contact you.

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SOLON SOLraise Inverter

SOLON SOLraise is a module level that promises 25 percent more performance. At the same time, it makes the entire system more secure. The management of SOLON Energy GmbH is incumbent on the managing directors Balachandran Kasi Viswanathan, Dr. Lars Podiowski and Anjaenyulu Turlapati. The company employs around 600 people at various locations.

SOLON always makes sure that the highest environmental standards are met in the production of high-quality devices. Resources are saved, which is possible by adhering to the company's own guidelines. These provide for environmental protection on the one hand and the health and safety of employees on the other. Environmentally friendly products are also used in all areas of the company.

In order to avoid harmful emissions, SOLON works with certified environmental systems such as ISO 14001 and BS-OHAS 18001. If you take a look at the production site in Berlin, for example, you quickly see that there is around 75 percent less energy for the Manufacture of solar technology is needed than is common in the industry. SOLON also relies on the recycling of the modules, which also helps to reduce the burden on the environment. After all, around 90 percent of the recycled materials can be reused. In order to make this possible, attention is paid to later, renewed use during the manufacture of the modules, so that solar glass, aluminum, tin, copper and silicon can be recovered, for example.

SOLON Energy GmbH produces both polycrystalline and monocrystalline solar modules. They are characterized by their low weight and high yields. The manufacturer offers a product guarantee of 10 years. You receive a 20-year guarantee on the gluing of SOLON Energy GmbH products. In general, the guarantee, which covers a period of 25 years, is regulated using a five-level system.

Should a complaint ever become necessary within the scope of the guarantee, you can reach the experts at AEET Energy Group GmbH on our hotline. You can order one of our employees to inspect the system. We check the errors on the module and will then professionally repair the system. In this regard, we buy spare parts and immediately integrate them into the system so that it returns to full performance as quickly as possible.

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