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Kaco Powador Inverter

The Kaco company was founded in 1914 by Gustav Bach, Gustav Klein and Albert Hirth in Heilbronn, Germany, initially with the background of producing seals for engines. It is now one of the best German inverter manufacturers and you can rely on its products. Among other things, Kaco offers solutions for small houses, solutions for commercial PV systems, solutions for power plants and the Ultraverter system. The company manufactured its first inverters back in 1948. In order for devices of this type to meet the demands of modern PV systems, the technologies have changed considerably over the years and have been continuously improved. In this way, Kaco customers nowadays benefit from unique inverters that achieve the best possible quality. It goes without saying that these are standardized devices. The first inverters for PV modules were brought onto the market in 1994.

We take care of the maintenance and repair of your inverters and you get a service for your inverter repair from us. Just give us a call or send us an email, we will then contact you.

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Kaco PowadorInverter

If the solar system you are operating is also equipped with Kaco inverters, you can contact your experts at the AEET Energy Group if you have any questions. We have been working in the photovoltaic industry for years, so that we not only install the appropriate solar module on the roof of your house, but also deal with the maintenance and repair of the PV systems and especially the inverters.

You can contact our employees at any time on our hotline and get advice or order one of our experts to come to you so that they can carry out maintenance or inverter repairs. Remember that a corresponding repair can be carried out much faster and more cost-effectively than replacing the entire device. At the same time, you protect the environment through repairs, which we will usually carry out on-site.

You may not have to fear any costs for us to buy spare parts and integrate them into the system. This applies if the warranty on the defective device has not yet expired and a complaint is therefore possible.

The company achieved a special coup in 1999 when it brought the first and worldwide only transformerless PV string inverter onto the market, which is known as the "PVI 2600". A few years later - in 2003 - Kaco relocated its company headquarters to Neckarsulm and built a research and logistics center nearby, which once again increased the technical possibilities. Furthermore, subsidiaries were founded in both France and Italy in 2010. The company also expanded to Japan and South Africa in order to continue to conquer the global market.

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