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Manufacturer independent inverter repair

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Voltwerk was a company from the solar industry that was taken over by Bosch a few years ago. It made numerous inverters, many of which are still in use.

We take care of the maintenance and repair of your inverters and you get a service for your inverter repair from us. Just give us a call or send us an email, we will then contact you.

If your solar system is also equipped with a Voltwerk inverter and it has a defect, you can contact us - the experts at AEET Energy Group GmbH - at any time. We carry out the professional inverter repairs and thereby contribute to the fact that the system works efficiently again as quickly as possible. Repairing it is considerably cheaper than replacing the device. In addition, the time required for repairs is often much less. If we cannot repair the inverter at your location, we will carry out the work on our premises. In general, we recommend that you subject both modules and inverters to regular maintenance. In this way, you discover reduced performance and potential damage in good time and can act immediately.

Repair process

  • Fill out Form
  • Send in the inverter
  • Report & repair
  • Return shipping
Further information *depending on the order situation! Duration: approx. 4-6 weeks*