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Growatt New Energy Technology Co. Ltd. produces inverters for photovoltaic systems. The company, which is based in Frankfurt am Main, was founded in 2010. Since then, it has been producing inverters of the highest quality and also offering storage systems as well as monitoring and various accessories.

We take care of the maintenance and repair of your inverters and you get a service for your inverter repair from us. Just give us a call or send us an email, we will then contact you.

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GrowattGrowatt New Energy Technology Co. Ltd.

The German company Growatt New Energy Technology Co. Ltd. produces high-quality inverters that are not only used in Germany, but also in some other countries around the world. You can always rely on the quality of the products, because Growatt leaves nothing to chance in this regard. Only high quality materials are used, which in turn are carefully put together and checked several times. Growatt offers inverters for every need, so that a small solar system on the roof of a single-family house can be operated with them as well as solar systems in large parks. Nevertheless, the inverters of this company are not completely protected against defects. These are often caused by wear and tear. If you also have a problem with your Growatt inverter, you can contact our hotline. The AEET Energy Group GmbH offers you an all-round good service with regard to the Growatt inverters.

Our experts can carry out an inverter repair directly at your location so that you can put your solar system back into operation as quickly as possible. Before the repair, we will check a possible complaint with the manufacturer and commission this for you. Is it worth it for you to have the inverter repaired or should you buy a replacement? We say that the inverter repair is worthwhile. Especially if you have to pay for the costs yourself, you should consider whether you want a replacement or a repair. Also keep in mind that a lot of energy and valuable raw materials are used for every new inverter that is produced. By having the inverter repaired, which certainly produces great results, you are helping to protect the environment.

Should you still want a new inverter, we can order it directly from our shop because we offer the sale of Growatt inverters. Among other things, Growatt offers the “Growatt 1000 S” (1500 S, 2000 S, 3000 S) inverter. This has a single-phase feed and an MPP tracker. It also achieves an efficiency of up to 97.3 percent, which enables the solar system to perform extremely well. The inverter weighs only 6.1 kg and is therefore extremely compact. In addition, it is fanless and it impresses with extensive safety and protection devices. Like many other products from the manufacturer, you can mount this inverter outdoors without having to compromise on quality or safety. The monitoring offers from Growatt, where you can read the values ​​of your solar system on your smartphone, for example, are also very interesting.

You are welcome to contact the experts at AEET Energy Group GmbH if you want to order an inverter repair or plan a solar system

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