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The Effekta company has been producing high-quality inverters for solar systems of all kinds for many years and sells them in many countries around the world, including Germany. A good example of high efficiency and top quality is the K series of inverters, which are used for feeding into the grid. The corresponding inverters are available with 1,500, 2,000, 3,000, 3,600, 4,200 and 5,000 watts, depending on the size of the system. These products were specially developed for private use, for example on single and multi-family houses. First and foremost, the K series is characterized by a high degree of efficiency of up to 96.8 percent and high reliability. The reliability is achieved through various protective measures, including overvoltage protection and internal inverter protection. The simple installation as well as the compact design prove to be particularly user-friendly, which makes the Effekta inverters extremely popular.

We take care of the maintenance and repair of your inverters and you get a service for your inverter repair from us. Just give us a call or send us an email, we will then contact you.

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With the HX series, the Effekta company has also created inverters which are suitable for off-grid island operation and can also be used for feeding into the grid. With an output power of 3,000 watts, they are also suitable for projects of different sizes. The inverters in this series are characterized by their enormous reliability and high efficiency of up to 95.5 percent.

The AEET Energy Group GmbH is your contact for all questions about the inverters from Effekta. We offer you a comprehensive service that is not limited to advice on our hotline, but also includes maintenance and repair of inverters and solar modules, for example. If you find that the Effekta inverter you are using is no longer working properly, you can contact us. We will contact the manufacturer and check the guarantee. Possibly. a complaint can be made so that you do not have to buy the spare parts at your own expense.

We recommend regular maintenance so that both the inverter and each individual module have the longest possible service life. In this way we prevent problems. You can call one of our expert employees to come to you at any time on our hotline if you need our help.

Repair process

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Further information *depending on the order situation! Duration: approx. 4-6 weeks*