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Manufacturer independent inverter repair

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We repair your defective inverter regardless of manufacturer

If one of the inverters in the solar system you are operating has a defect, we will be happy to carry out the inverter repair for you. Due to the similarity of the modules of the various inverter providers, this does not pose any problem for us. It is therefore completely irrelevant whether it is a string inverter, a grid-commutated or a grid-connected inverter. Before we start repairing the inverter, the first step is of course to check the hardware. If you commission us, you benefit from the extensive specialist knowledge of our employees, as well as from fair conditions and high-quality work. In order to always be able to work with the latest technology, our employees receive regular training.

Details on inverter repairs

If an inverter is repaired, the focus is on checking the hardware. Due to the fact that the models from the different manufacturers are all constructed similarly, repairs are not a particular challenge for our experts, but rather a routine. It does not matter whether you operate a stand-alone inverter, a grid-commutated or a grid-connected inverter. Our specialists also repair modular inverters, multi-string and string inverters. All components can be upgraded and repaired.

These common causes damage the inverter:

The inverter can be damaged internally as well as externally, for various reasons. The overvoltage in particular is considered to be the main cause and should therefore be avoided. The inverter can also be damaged by moisture, heat or dust. Damage can also occur if the electrolytic capacitors are worn. In many cases the inverter is equipped with a display from which you can read an error code.


When should the inverter be replaced?

If the guarantee period has expired, you can choose between an exchange and the inverter repair. Because there is less scrap and less cost and impact on the environment, you should choose repair. In any case, you should not attempt repairs yourself to avoid jeopardizing the guarantee. Therefore, always commission an expert to repair the inverter.

The repair

At component level, we repair inverters from all common manufacturers. All of our repair facilities are subject to ISO certification. At the same time, you receive a generous guarantee on all repairs carried out.

  • General overhaul and maintenance of the inverters (replacement of all wearing parts and components at risk of failure)
  • The preparation of the report
  • The procurement of spare parts

If a repair is out of the question for any reason, we will immediately procure the corresponding spare parts from our stocks. You can also have our experts set up a warehouse tailored to your needs so that spare parts can be procured even faster.

What ecological and economic arguments are there?

If inverters are completely replaced and not only repaired, this creates huge amounts of electronic waste every year. Although some resources can be reused, extreme energy is also required for recycling, which in turn leads to permanent environmental pollution. Of course, you benefit from an extension of the guarantee if we carry out the inverter repair.

Remember that it is not only ecological reasons that make an inverter repair extremely useful. As the operator of a solar system, your focus will usually be on profitability. Of course, you want the solar system you operate to generate a profit. As soon as the costs of an inverter repair are reduced compared to a replacement, your profit increases. With a repair you save up to 69 percent of the costs. There are some manufacturers who deliberately design the inverters in such a way that they show a defect after a certain service life. By exchanging individual components, you can ensure that the system is fully functional at all times. Extend the lifespan of the inverters in this way.


Trust the experts for inverter repairs

You have to reckon with high financial losses if the inverter has a defect, because it will convert little or no electricity at all. You should therefore immediately contact the experts at the AEET Energy Group in order to keep the financial loss to the lowest possible level.

And it is as simple as this:

Repair process

  • Fill out Form
  • Send in the inverter
  • Report & repair
  • Return shipping
Further information *depending on the order situation! Duration: approx. 4-6 weeks*