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Sunset SolarInverter

Sunset Solar was founded in 1979, shortly after the first ideas of using solar energy to generate electricity conquered the world. Sunset Energietechnik GmbH was founded in Adelsdorf, a small town near Erlangen. In the meantime, the company has established itself on the market, worldwide. This is also no wonder, as we can fall back on over 30 years of experience. Among other things, numerous inverters have been manufactured over the years. If your solar system also has an inverter from Sunset Solar, you can contact us, the AEET Energy Group GmbH, for a possible inverter repair, because we offer you a comprehensive service for everything from Sunset Solar.

We take care of the maintenance and repair of your inverters and you get a service for your inverter repair from us. Just give us a call or send us an email, we will then contact you.

All inverter models from Sunset Solar Data Sheets & Downloads

  • SUNSET SUNString 1200 L
  • SUNSET SUNString 1500 L
  • SUNSET SUNString 2200 L
  • SUNSET SUNString 2600 D
  • SUNSET SUNString 4000
  • SUNSET SUNString 5000

Sunset SolarInverter

Among other things, the "SUN3Grid®" (3000, 4000, 500ß, 6000, 8000) inverter is one of the inverters developed and produced by Sunset Solar. Its extensive features and enormous high quality give an idea of ​​how good the other inverters from Sunset Solar are. The SUN3Grid® achieves a Euro efficiency of more than 95%. A second reference meter does not have to be installed because the inverter switches off automatically at night. This can save you considerable costs. The MPP range of the product is 350 to 600 V. The product is also available with protection class IP54.

The inverter can be easily attached to the wall thanks to the clever mounting plate. Reading the data is very easy thanks to the LCD display. In addition, Sunset Solar offers a 7-year product guarantee on this product, which is valid ex works. Nevertheless, it can happen that a Sunset Solar inverter gives up the ghost so that it needs to be replaced or repaired. In this case you can contact the AEET Energy Group, because we will be happy to contact the manufacturer to handle your complaint. If you need to replace the inverter, you can buy it directly from our shop, which handles sales throughout Germany. In many cases, however, it can be worthwhile for you if you decide to have the inverter repaired. Especially when the warranty period has expired, buying a new model incurs high costs that you can reduce considerably by repairing the inverter. Often our experts can carry out the repairs directly at your location and only need a short time for this.

This means that you can quickly put the system back into operation to generate new, valuable electricity. If on-site repairs are not possible, we will do this on our premises. You would like to have the inverter repaired for your Sunset Solar Order an inverter? Then the best thing to do is to contact our employees directly on our hotline to make an appointment. Of course, we at the AEET Energy Group would also be happy to advise you on any other questions that may arise in connection with solar systems and inverters. We plan your new solar system and install it. We also put it into operation and regularly maintain the system, because this is important to prevent a defect. With us you get all services from a single source.

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